How we Differ from other builders in Lucknow?

• No PLC Charges on any Projects •

PLCs (Preferential Location Charge)

A PLC is an additional cost that a buyer pays, for choosing a better location in an apartment complex. Hence, for example, to own an apartment that overlooks a park or is a corner plot, the buyer pays extra.

PLC is charged on a per sq ft basis, on the super built-up area of the apartment. Typically, each floor has a different PLC.

However, there is no regulatory framework in the country that governs PLCs. Consequently, the amount varies across different projects and developers. Usually, luxury projects that are located in prime areas like the heart of the city have a higher PLC.

If you are buying an apartment, you cannot escape paying for the PLC. For example, a corner apartment facing the park, will attract two PLCs – a PLC based on the floor chosen and a PLC for the park. A third PLC – for the corner location of the flat – may also be applicable.

How is PLC calculated?

The preferred location and the fee for it varies with the project type, location of the city and climatic conditions, the floor number etc. It depends on the size, location and alignment and construction quality. In the absence of standard rules that govern the laws relating to PLCs, developers strategize it the way they can apply PLC for each unit, in order to maximize the profit from sales. The amount of PLC charged varies across different developers and projects.

Now BCC Facts

BCC or Shri Balaji Construction Company is the only company known in Lucknow which takes NO PLC charges from any client.

Yes, It’s hard to believe or definitely gives you a reason of why and how is this company doing so?

But the answer is straight and simple Sri Balaji Construction Company offers their costumer with best support and tries to offer them the product ( Apartments, Flats, Plots, Commercial Space) in the lowest cost as possible.

This is what our Director Mr. Nawanshu Goyel Believe-

“It’s better to earn a business of 1 Rupee from 1000 happy costumer then to earn 1000 Rupees from 1.”

We believe a happy Costumer is the biggest earning a company can achieve. And most important- the biggest earnings of a company is not in the cheques that we get,

But the smiles that we spread.

And so now we proudly say that We Are SHREE BALAJI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND We are one of the Top most Brands in the Real Estate Market Today.

• One time Maintenance •

Maintenance Charges

Maintenance charges are an inescapable reality for every apartment owner. People living in apartments or housing societies have to pay a considerable sum of money every month as maintenance charges to the society. Now if you are living in an apartment and paying the charges then it is your onus to make sure that the charges are being spent judicially for your benefit.

Charges collected by a housing society

Let us begin with the charges you have to pay to the society. The managing committee decided the charges payable by each flat as per the resolution passed by the General Body of the society. The main charges levied by the society can be categorized as-

  1. Property Taxes,
  2. Water Charges,
  3. Common Electricity Charges,
  4. Contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund
  1. Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lifts of the society, including charges for running the lift,
  2. Service charges,
  3. Car Parking Charges,
  1. Non-occupancy charges
  2. Insurance Charges,
  3. Lease rent,
  4. Other charges.

According to a survey in Lucknow A flat owner in Lucknow has to pay an average of 8000/- Rs. Per month as Maintenance charge to the construction company .

Every Construction Company charges a fees for the first 7 years from the buyer of the flat or apartment, which is taken every month as maintenance cost. So , if we calculate :

8000 x 12 months
=96,000 Rs/-
96,000 x 7 years
=6,72,000 /-

This is the cost that a customer has to pay in total with the cost of the flat to the Builder.

So finally it takes
Cost of the flat + 7 Lacks Approx. (Average) to bye and live in a flat in Lucknow.

Now BCC Facts

BCC is the only company in Lucknow that offers 1,00,000/- as one time maintenance charge.

12 Month in 1 year
12 x 7 years
=84 Month
So, 1,00,000 / 84 months
= 1,190 Rs/- approx
So , 1,190 Rs/- is the amount that Shree Balaji Company offers to take as maintenance charge for 7 years.

And the very important point to be taken care is that Maintenance of a building that BCC offers includes
Each and every item or object, from changing a Bulb to repairing a motor, from whitewash of the building to the leakage in the water tap.
Each and every problem or issue is taken care by Shri Balajj Construction Company in just a nominal one time cost of 1,00,000 Rs/- and So for the next 7years customer can sit back and relax and let BCC handle all the issues and problems of maintenance for them.

• Most Prime Locations •

Prime Locations

Just ask any real estate agent to list the three most important things a property should have, and you’ll likely hear: “location, location, location.” That phrase has been in use at least since 1926, according to The New York Times, and is just as relevant now as it was then.

But why does location matter so much?

For starters, you can’t move a home — at least not easily or inexpensively. When you buy a home in a good location, it’s usually a solid long-term investment.

Fixing up a home in a great neighborhood will give you the best return on your investment. Quite simply, it will be easier to sell later on. Conversely, you can buy a beautiful home that doesn’t need any work. But if the block is sketchy or just plain bad, you could have a hard time selling the property at a decent price.

So if “location, location, location” is so important, what makes a location good? Here are five characteristics to look for when buying a home. If you can get all five, chances are the home’s a great investment.

1. A safe neighborhood

People want to live where there’s little or no crime. Naturally, they want to feel safe in their homes and will pay extra for it. A safe neighborhood means people will feel free to walk around, be outdoors and interact with their neighbors. Communities still exist today where people don’t lock their doors, and they know their neighbors are there for them in a pinch.

2. Good schools

Being in a good school district is important, even if you don’t have school-age kids and never plan to have any. Fact is, young families always will be buying their first or second homes. They will do their home search based on location in general and good school districts in particular. The better the school district, the higher the values of the surrounding homes can be.

Found a home you love but the school district is subpar? Be aware of that issue for resale down the road. Bottom line: When you buy a home, you should always think like a future seller.

3. Convenient access to popular places, shops and restaurants

Everyone wants to be near the best commercial districts. The closer to the hubbub of a particular town or the best parts of a city, the better the location — and the more someone is willing to pay for a home.

4. Great Water access

Water being the primary need of a human being , one always looks after for an east access or 24 hour supply of water. Not all parts of a Lucknow city are high or rich in access of water, so one always makes sure before investing in real estate to have a good access of water.

5. Access to public transit and/or freeways

In major cities, the farther you live from the bus, subway or other types of mass transit, the less valuable the home. A good location means being very close, and having easy access, to public transportation. Being near a train or bus can get you anywhere in a short amount of time. In some towns, where a commute by car is inevitable, easy access to the freeway makes for a good location.

Now BCC Facts

The basic and the first most strategy of Shri Balaji Construction Company is always to build a property that is on a real prime location. Living in the heart of the city is the primary desire to every human being. Living on this motto Shri Balaji Construction company has nearly 12 to 15 ongoing projects on prime locations like:-

  1. Hazratganj
  2. Lalbagh
  3. Aishbagh near Naka Hindola (Charbagh)
  4. Gomtinagar near Kathota Jheel
  5. Golaganj
  1. Faizabad road Near B.B.D Collage
  2. Raibarelly road near P.G.I
  3. Kanpur road near Amosi Airport
  4. Rajaji Puram near Tiket rai Taapab
  5. Nishatganj

Nearly all the projects are located on highway or on the very cream and prime locations in the city. Thus, it proves BCC are the masters in Building Construction business and no other company in the city can stand even closer to it.

• Delivery on Time •

Delivery Time

Ongoing delay in possession of the flats is one of the worst nightmares of a buyer, but what if it actually comes true?

It is quite a common scenario these days, given the working capital crunch which builders face. These delays can occur due to the following reasons: Pending municipal approvals or dispute Working capital crunch –

The developer has gone out of funds (and property is not selling) and the bank is refusing to fund the project.

Whatever the reason might be, this delay not only causes a direct loss of money to the buyer but also make him feel depressed and frustrated. This ongoing delay also makes it impossible to plan for the future and increases other costs. For example, if you are staying in a rented property, you need to pay the rent as well as the EMI for the loan taken to build the new house. It can cause a major strain on your finances and also put you through mental anxiety.

Now BCC Facts

Shri Balaji Construction Company being the most trusted brands in real estate today ensures every buyer to deliver every project on time.

BCC has a record of 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to delivery of project on time.BCC is known as the company which keeps the word of promise done to the costumer for Delivery of the Project on the date and time as was pre-acknowledged to the costumer.

• Earthquake Resistant •

Earthquake Resistance

In last few years the world witnessed a spate of high-magnitude earthquakes in Japan, Ecuador and Myanmar. Roger Bilham, seismologist at the University of Colorado, who has studied the seismicity of the Himalayan belt and is a world-renowned expert in the field, has predicted that four great earthquakes are expected to hit North India, each of magnitude 8.0 or more. Disaster management experts from the ministry of home affairs also echoed similar views. The rupture of the Himalayan fault has begun and we will be seeing periodic earthquakes for the next 20-25 years until all accumulated strains are dissipated.

In India, the Supreme Court has passed explicit instructions on earthquake safety through a public interest litigation. Our country has the maximum number of quake-unsafe buildings in the world.

According to All Earthquake Data Courtesy USGS
Uttar Pradesh has Faced 6 small and Big Earth quacks in Last 365 days.

Many builders and companies in the market claim or even promises about there building structure to be safe from Earthquake or are said to be Earth Quack Resistant But the question stands are they really true? You know the answer as well.

Now BCC Facts

All the buildings Constructed by Shri Balaji Construction Company are Earthquake Resistant . The procedure that is used in a construction site to make a structure strong and Earthquake resistant comprises of many things such as Quality Material, Specific Measurement of Iron Bars, Specific Structural Designs made by a Qualified Engineer / Architect.

Most importantly the Structural Design made by the Architect has to be followed in that very same manner or pattern with all the shortest details and specifications.

Now this has been the biggest USP of the company , BCC follows a strict rule which says that any compromise in the quality of Any material is Strictly In-acceptable.

BCC strictly follows the procedure of Building up the structure of the Building according to the specifications of the Architect. All the miner details are followed in the same manner by Highly Skilled and Trained professionals .

• Construction according to Vastu Shastra •


The architecture of flats should follow the guidelines laid by Vastu Shashtra or it can have a damaging affect on our lives. You can invite calamities in your life, if you chose to ignore Vastu advice while building a flat for yourself. Vastu helps to make your living comfortable in flats and prevent illness and other dangers from creeping into your life or relationships. The article brings some very important guidelines to be kept in mind while planning the architecture of a flat. Go through them and know the right Vasthu for flats, to make your life happy and prosperous.

Now BCC Facts

Vastu plays an important role in life. Vastu shastra may not be essential for living, but it is highly recommended for a better and healthier life. It is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of natures to work in favor of us.

Hereby, BCC follows the Ancient art or science given by the Vedic Gurus of India Known as Vastu Shastra. Not to be fake and describing 100% facts of construction, not all Vastu Rules are always followed but It can be said that BCC Follows or Tries hard to Follow most of the rules and Ideas of Vastu Shastra.

Shri Balaji Construction Company is an ISO Certified Construction Company in Lucknow.